Women’s Ministries at IBC, exists to encourage women to worship our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, through the study and application of Scripture.

Our various ministries are the following:

  • Seasonal Bible studies: some exegetical, some topical
  • An annual spring Women’s Retreat
  • September Sisters & Friends,  older single’s women ministry
  • Worship Team
  • Prayer Ministry
  • Fellowship Activities

As you review the different growth opportunities, you’ll find that whether you are single or married, in every season of life, there is a spiritual home and sweet fellowship here for you.

Bible Studies

In January 2, we embarked in the wonder of gazing upon the face of God by virtue of reading the Bible in a year. Through a thoughtful, diligent reading of the Word, we gain understanding of the Bible in all its parts as a cohesive whole –God’s redemption story. We aquire eternal perspective on life, and understanding how we fit into the redemptive story. By studying his Word broadly, we are capturing God’s character that encourage us to love and worship him more deeply, and serve him more fervently.

Focusing a year on God and his character, his mighty works, and his relationship to us, we can overcome our fears, doubts, anxieties and be established in a confident and hopeful faith in him.

The fall session begins September 19, at 10:00 am, and evening at 6:30 pm.  Following our Bible reading plan, we’ll begin with an overview of the minor prophets ending with the book of Acts in November. We’ll have joyful sessions in the gospels, celebrating the fulfillment of many promises in the unveiling of the ‘mystery’ that was kept hidden through the ages –Jesus Christ.

If you need child care, please register your children as soon as possible.

Register Your Children

Follow the 5-day reading plan!

Print a Reading Schedule

September Sisters

September Sisters and friends are mature single, sisters in Christ, loving, encouraging and supporting each other while focusing on serving the Lord. September Sisters are in a season when a fruitful life is re-defining itself with new energy, with new discretionary freedom to invest in meaningful relationships and activities serving our community and church family. Their goal is to bind their hearts in Christian love while playing and serving together. Their theme verse is Psalm 92:12-15.

There are regularly scheduled activities plus many other opportunities as they present themselves, including but not limited to: after-church lunches, coffee/walks, service projects, visiting the sick and the home-bound sisters, etc.

Women’s Retreat

Once a year, we have the opportunity to break away from our routine to refresh our spirit at Cedars Springs Retreat Center, one of the most beautiful settings in the West Coast. Immanuel Bible Church has a history of 53 years of women’s retreats, please browse our FB page to see pictures of the recent years.

Get Connected

We would love to get connected with you. Please feel free to browse our Facebook page, you will find our documented activities and more! You may also contact the Women’s Ministries office at (360) 733-0672.