The Prince and the Powerless

The Prince and the Powerless

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Luke 4:16-21

Community Group Questions

  1. What does the psalmist commit to doing in verses 1-2 and why?
  2. Who is the “prince,” and what reason does the psalmist give for not placing one’s ultimate trust in him?
  3. In contrast to the prince, who is the one who along deserves our hope, and why? What has he done?
  4. Who are the prisoners, the sojourners, the widows, and the fatherless? How does the Lord treat them, and how should we treat them?
  5. In what ways were you and I prisoners, sojourners, widows, and fatherless before Jesus Christ delivered us, and in Christ, what are we now? How should this affect how we treat others and God?

Family Worship Questions

  1. Read Psalm 146 & Discuss
  • Who are princes? Why should we not put our trust in them?
  • In verse 5 what does David say people whose help and hope is God are? How are we blessed for having God as our help?
  • Read verses 6-9, how do these verses strengthen what David says in verse 5?
  • How long do princes, kings, and presidents lead nations and countries? Read verse 10 how long will the Lord reign? How does that help us to hope in God?
  1. Sing: Jesus Paid It All 
  2. Pray