Meriam Yahia Ibrahim, persecuted not abandoned

Meriam Yahia Ibrahim, persecuted not abandoned


A News bulletin from: International Christian Response

On Meriam’s Roller Coaster –

the Staying Power of Prayer

When our editor’s news service, Morning Star News, broke the news about Meriam Yahia Ibrahim, little did he know that the story of the then-pregnant woman condemned to death in Sudan for refusing to deny Christ would draw the attention of media and government officials worldwide. When she was finally released on June 23, we rejoiced in the Lord. But within 24 hours, the Islamic government of Sudan detained her family as they tried to leave the country.

Holding on to HIM in Sudan!

Recall that through Morning Star News our editor, Jeff Sellers, broke the news of Meriam, who was sentenced to death for Alleged apostasy and to 100 lashes for marrying a Christian. On June 23 an appeals court overturned the conviction. Meriam was released, along with her son, Martin, and newborn daughter, Maya. We regret to report that on June 24 Sudanese security agents detained Meriam, her husband Daniel, and their two young children at the airport in Khartoum as they were attempting to leave the country – on trumped-up charges related to their travel documents.
We pray for their safety as many seek to kill them or send them back to prison.