“Finally a Truly Good King”

“Finally a Truly Good King”



The following is from an “ACT BEYOND” Missions post. (ACT BEYOND focuses on the Unreached People groups)

At Act Beyond, we often say that it is better to focus on discipleship rather than conversion. How does this look in real practice though? When someone is truly hungry for Truth, they will often be willing to be discipled before they even know the details of the good news of Christ. Discipling a “pre-believer” allows more time to build foundations that can be critical to those with zero exposure to the Christianworld view. Following is a testimony of the power of the Old Testament pointing to Jesus and preparing the seeker to respond with a resounding YES when they finally do hear the Good News of the Gospel.

KC is from a Tibetan Buddhist background, and her only exposure to Christianity and the Bible are a few foundational Old Testament stories one of teams in Nepal has shared with her. She has not heard the name of Jesus yet, although she soon will.

Recent stories she heard were about King David, and most recently about King David’s sin with Bathsheba. At the end of the David and Bathsheba story, during the discussion time, KC asked, “I thought David was supposed to be a good king? How could he do something like that?”

Later, after hearing about the promised Messiah from Isaiah chapters 9 and 53, she was asked, “What do you think about this Son who is going to be born?” This was her answer: “It sounds like finally a truly good king is going to come. In the story you kept saying ‘son’ but I think it is really God. God sent so many messengers through the stories you shared. But finally God himself is going to come.”

She gets it! God told his people through Abraham and through all the prophets that one day One would come whose origins were ancient, One who would take the weight of the world’s sin upon His shoulders. Our Savior. KC cannot read.  She has never read a word in her life, but when she heard a two and a half minute story out of Isaiah she got it. This ‘Son’ who was to be born to a virgin was not just a boy, or a king, or the greatest prophet to ever live. He is THE KING.

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