Christian Camps – An effective means of reaching youths

Christian Camps – An effective means of reaching youths


Immanuel Bible Church has a long history of supporting camp ministries throughout its many years. We know that Christian camps are an effective means of reaching youth during a time when their hearts are most receptive to God’s message. Many of our own IBC youths, along with hundreds of thousands throughout the world, have attended a Christian camp during this past summer. Now that fall is approaching, youths who were impacted by God’s Word are preparing to go back to school . The many school and community activities will be competing for their time and interest . We must pray, especially for those who have made significant spiritual decisions while attending camps, that they would continue to walk with God in the months ahead.

Also, with summer’s camps completed, many camp leaders are evaluating their camp programs and are making plans for improvement throughout the months  ahead. Our missionary, Stan Gillespie with Global Outreach Group, assists camp leaders to evaluate, plan & provide on-site training for camp leaders in many parts of the world. In early October, Stan Gillespie & Dan DeGroat ,will travel to Bangalore, India to participate in the CCI- India National Conference.  Also, Dan DeGroat will leave August 29 for Tanzania to participate in the annual conference of CCI-East Africa.  Both Stan and Dan covet our prayers for the many camp leaders who must travel long distances to attend these conferences. Also pray for successful seminars & work sessions during each conference, & also their own travel safety with potential health issues, especially with Ebola in some parts of Africa.

Special Prayer requests:

  • Camp leaders who must travel long distances to attend conferences in Tanzania and in India.
  • Stevie, an India Camp leader, who has a bad case of Bronchitis. He has a vital role in the October CCI-India conference in Bangalore.
  • Miracle Valley Camp in Sri Lanka, where Stan, & Global Outreach Group, has had a significant part in the camp’s development. They are seeking a year-around administrator to live on the camp site.
  • The host camp in Bangalore still has additional construction projects to be completed in order to effectively host the India conference.
  • Also, Global Outreach Group has many contacts in Ukraine. Pastors & Christian Leaders in Ukraine are requesting prayer due to the nations turmoil & war.  Many camps were unable to operate and many leaders are discouraged.