Kenya Update – Doug Vaughn

Kenya Update – Doug Vaughn

Bible distribution in a Kenyan School

This is a picture from my first school distribution today.



Thank you for all your prayers.

The doors are wide open for the gospel in this part of Kenya. We drove for about 3 hours outside of Nairobi to reach schools in the Kangundo area. For the last hour or so we were on some of the bumpiest dirt roads I’ve ever experienced. We distributed about 1200 Scriptures yesterday in this remote area. They allowed me to preach the gospel at each school and hundreds of students prayed to receive Christ. It was a very special day in Kenya.

The children call me Mzungu (white man). I think many of them had never seen a white man. Many of them reached out to touch my hand after the distribution.

For Christ and the advance of the gospel in Kenya and to all nations,