Urgent Prayer Request – Toni & Vesna Georgiev

Urgent Prayer Request – Toni & Vesna Georgiev


 Dear brothers and sisters, please keep me in your prayers.

Dear prayer and support team,

 Couple months ago Juska and his father Maksut went to the Imam at the mask (Mosque) with one purpose to make them amulet to keep Juska away from fear and they paid 150 Euro, but the things went worse and worse while he was caring the amulet under his t-shirt. I explain him that Jesus can brake and take all fear from him if he will believe and accept Jesus for his Lord and Savior. Couple days ago Juska call me and he tell me that he want to believe in Jesus and he want to drop the amulet in the garbage near the small river in Strumica. We went there and I open the amulet to see what is inside (see the pictures). I drop the amulet and Juska said that some power went out of him. We pray while there to Jesus that He will brake all bad things what the Imam put in Juska. Inside the amulet there was some feathers from birds and couple papers with numbers and names.

 Yesterday I was at Juska house and we went through 1 John chapter 4.  While we were reading the Bible one man come to his house and they start to speak in Turkish language with high voice. I ask Juska what are they talking and he tell me that they were nervous because we have bible study. Many people know me in that area and they know that we had bible study at Juska house and people who are involve in the Mask (Mosque) are very nervous with me.

 Dear brothers and sisters, please keep me in your prayers. Sharing the Gospel among the Muslim people is very dangerous. Every time before I go there I pray for God’s protection. I need your prayers a lot. I will keep informing you how the things are going with Juska and his family. Also pray for Rushan (Juska’s father in law), he is very close to Jesus but he is afraid from the people from his area. Pray also for Ferdi my new Turkish Muslim friend from another village call Vasilevo. I’m spending time with him and we are talking for Jesus.

 I will keep informing you how the things are going with the Muslim people.



Juska and amulet 001
Juska and amulet 002
Juska and amulet 003
Juska and amulet 004
Juska and amulet 005
Juska and amulet 006
Juska and amulet 007
Juska and amulet 008
Juska and amulet 010
Juska and amulet 011
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