Urgent Prayer requested – Lyndsie White

Urgent Prayer requested – Lyndsie White


White, Doug & WendyDear Friends and Family,

 Lyndsie has been suffering ongoing pain related to her severely broken leg back in late April. She was suppose to be able to run and jog by now but due to pain, she hasn’t been able to do this. She just found out this morning that she has two problems with her leg. One is the metal plate that was implanted in her leg. It is causing a problem with the muscle so the orthopedic surgeon says the plate need to come out. She also met with some kind of nerve specialist this morning and that doctor said that she has an additional problem in addition to the metal plate. On the other side of her leg, there is probably a nerve that was damaged during the break that needs to be fixed.

Lyndsie is discourage and a little stressed out. She has been dealing with this all on her own up in Boone where she attends university. She has been a trooper and has also tried to get these doctor visits done and surgery scheduled prior to October 1st , as that is when our insurance starts its new fiscal year, thus deductibles start all over. The orthopedic surgeon has worked with her as he attends the same church as Lyndsie so tentatively she will have surgery early next week. She still has to have some kind of special nerve test done today before surgery can be confirmed. Even though she has two problems, it looks like they can take care of the plate and nerve problem all in one surgery. Not sure about this yet.

Thanks for praying for her safety and for her general emotional well being. She is extremely busy with school and work

Doug White