Commit to Pray for These Three Requests

Commit to Pray for These Three Requests


Print these prayer requests and keep them with you throughout the week.

Pray for Tou Ly and Fai Cho

146_TOULYANDFAICHOTwo Hmong Christian men, “Tou Ly” and “Fai Cho,” were forced by relatives to leave their homes because they refused to renounce Christ and return to ancestor worship. They were then arrested by local authorities and detained for two weeks. After their release, on Aug. 25, the men rented a place to live outside the village, but their struggles continued when Fai Cho’s father died, on Sept. 27. Local authorities issued Fai Cho’s family a large fine, claiming they had not obtained the proper burial permit. The two men are being helped by their church, but they have little to no food or clothing and are in desperate need.

Pray for Eman Saroufim

147_EMANSAROUFIMEman Morco Saroufim, a 39-year-old Christian mother of five children, was kidnapped from her village in Menia, Egypt, on Sept. 3 by an armed Muslim man. Officials initially denied that Eman had been kidnapped, reporting that she had willingly left her family and converted to Islam. Eman escaped her captors on Sept. 26 and has publicly stated that she is a Christian and will never convert to Islam. Eman’s abductor has threatened to kidnap her children if she does not return to him.

Pray for Christians in Battle Zones

148_CHRISTIANSINSYRIAA pastor in the area of Aleppo, Syria, has asked believers to pray for those living in areas where government and rebel forces are engaged in battle. Three buildings near the pastor’s home have been damaged by mortar shells. Electricity is available for less than an hour per day, and food and water are in limited supply. Those remaining in Aleppo are often forced to hide, as it is not safe to enter the streets. The pastor and others in the area continually ask themselves questions that could mean the difference in life or death: “Shall I stay in my bed so I’ll rest in peace on my bed, or should I go down to the ground floor? But how long should I stay there? Should I sleep or is it better to stay awake?”