Nov. 2nd Focus – IRAQ

Nov. 2nd Focus – IRAQ


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Our Prayer focus on, Nov 2nd, will be Iraq. Our guest speaker at 9:00 am will be “Rena”, an Iraqi Muslim Background Believer (MBB) who will share her testimony & information about Iraq.  Resource Information about the Persecuted church will be available at the information table.

IraqIraqi Flag

Category: Restricted Nation
Religion: Muslim 95.9%, Christian 1.6%
Ideology: Islam
Head of State: President Jalal Talabani

Iraq is a complicated mixture of severe persecution and increased freedom for believers and evangelism. To register with the government, a church must have 500 members and the approval of the Council of Iraqi Churches. There are about 70 evangelical congregations in Iraq, but two-thirds of the churches have closed and only half the pre-2003 Christian community remains in the country. In Baghdad alone, more than 90 churches have been destroyed, and hundreds of thousands of Christians have fled — all in the last 10 years. Islamic extremists have targeted Christian leaders, churches and businesses. Nevertheless, the evangelical population continues to grow through converts. VOM is supporting families of martyrs and actively equipping indigenous evangelists in all areas of Iraq. VOM distributed 4,000 Bibles to the Kurdistan region of the country in 2012.