Fire in BCC – Turkey Book Depot

Fire in BCC – Turkey Book Depot


A Request for Prayer:

Yesterday (Sunday, while no one was there) a fire broke out in our book depot below our office. The evidence seems to point to an electrical fire, though it’s not clear whether it started by itself or whether someone came in and started it. Many firemen and police came and put the fire out quickly; it also made it into the local news.

The neighbors who first noticed the fire found the front door forced open, and we haven’t been able to find out who it was who forced open the door, either an arson or someone who had come by just before presumably to help. Either way we have a huge clean up job; thousands of books have been ruined (mostly by smoke or water from the firefighters), though we hope to salvage at least half of them. Thanks for your prayers. Of course it could have been much, much worse, and for that we’re thankful.

All of us are wondering what the Lord may be saying to us through this; one thing we’re all sure of, though, is that the time for us to move out of this aging and problematic building is long overdue. Pray that we’ll be able to find a suitable place to buy soon (we’ve been raising funds and looking for a suitable place for the last few years; we almost have enough money so if you or someone you know would like to help we’d really appreciate it.)

Love in Christ,

David & Ulrike for the BCC team

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