News from Steve & Sherree Francis

News from Steve & Sherree Francis


Happy New Year (belatedly!) from Chiang Mai – we wanted to send a quick update now that we’re back here.

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Thankfully Sherree’s Mum is doing a lot better, such that we feel it’s appropriate to now start searching for nursing/ministry opportunities around the SIM world.

We have 1 or 2 very initial ideas at this stage, but will need to put lots more flesh on those ideas as we discuss with SIM-UK and others. We will keep you updated as we have news to share, but please pray most of all that God would guide us (and those advising us) clearly in the coming months.

Please also pray for us catching up with our work now that we’re back. February is a busy month with many of our China teammates in town for conferences, etc. We always enjoy catching up with them while they’re here. We also have a couple of supporters from UK visiting us for 2 weeks in February…….and then in March there is a big international SIM conference with 150+ people in town. We’re not involved in the day-to-day running of the meetings, but it will inevitably result in some extra responsibilities.

Thank you again for your prayers for us. Please pray for wisdom as we start looking ahead to our next placement/country, and all the changes that will entail.

God bless you all,

 Steve and Sherree

(Click here to read entire letter)