February Update, Steve & Sherree Francis

February Update, Steve & Sherree Francis


Prayer for Steve; healing to regain mobility.

The last 2 weeks have gone quite slowly in some ways, and fast in other ways…..

For Steve they’ve really dragged as he’s not been able to run or play squash! After a week the pain in his ankle increased – so much at times that he needed to borrow a crutch/cane to walk, especially early mornings and after long periods of sitting/resting…….bearing weight on the foot was too painful. But a week later he no longer needed that, and is now walking fairly normally again.

The ankle is still a bit swollen, but there’s very little pain now. He hasn’t tried anything more than walking yet – maybe some gentle speed-walking or jogging slowly in the next week or so?

We’ve been able to get to the office every day on the motorbike though, so we’ve kept busy with catching up after our time away. We are fairly caught up again now which is good.

This week a couple of our SIM Thailand teammates had problems with their visas – resulting in one family with 3 young kids having to leave the country at 1-day’s notice. The “problem” mainly relates to paperwork that hasn’t been processed fully yet – even though it was submitted over 6 months ago. We’re not sure if the change in government is really the reason for this or not……but please pray for a speedy resolution to the problem. Until this is finalized, we’re unlikely to be able to renew visas for others whose visas are under the same foundation; and we’ve been told that one of our other couples’ visas may be revoked – but they’re waiting and seeing if that actually happens. (This doesn’t affect our visas, which come under a different government department).

It’s conference season, and many of our China colleagues have been, or are, in town for various meetings. We always enjoy the chance to catch up with different ones – we’ve been out for supper with different families for each of the last 4 nights so far……and still a lot of other colleagues to catch up with in the next 2-3 weeks. We enjoy hearing their updates, and also being a listening (and hopefully encouraging) ear for those who’ve been having some hard times. Please pray that we can be a blessing to those we meet up with.

This coming Saturday a couple of friends/supporters from UK arrive and will be with us for 10 days…….we’re looking forward to catching up with them and giving them glimpses of our life and ministry here in Thailand.

Then after they leave, there’s a big SIM conference with around 150 folks in town…...pray for the logistics for all the meetings to go well. We’re not directly involved, but will be attending some meetings, and likely having discussions with some about future placement opportunities for us. Pray for guidance, and good discussions.

Thanks again for your love and prayers. And continue to pray for our Thai friends (especially Kai and Dej) and neighbours…….

Steve & Sherree Francis

Steve and Sherree


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