Acts Sermons Series

Acts Sermons Series


Dear Immanuel Bible Church family,

When Jesus Christ rose from the dead, when he triumphed over the demonic rulers and authorities, and when he ascended into heaven to take his seat at the right hand of the Father, those that believed in him faced a “now what?” moment.

What should they do in light of the reality of the crucified, resurrected, and glorified Savior?

Starting this Sunday, we will begin a sermon series in the book of Acts, where we will learn not only what the apostles and early church did then, but what Immanuel Bible Church should do now.

As we progress through Acts, we are going to examine four fundamental elements that characterize the church of Jesus Christ: teaching, prayer, community, and witness.

Each of these elements is important to the church in unique and critical ways, each of these elements must be present for the church to function as designed, and none of these elements are foreign to Immanuel Bible Church; they have been a part of our identity from the very beginning.

However, when I read the Acts of the Apostles, I don’t see that the church should rest in her past accomplishments, or that the church should seek comfort and stability, or even that the church should be content with her current level of personal, community, or world impact.

Instead, I see that the church, though imperfect and composed of saved sinners, should be characterized by faith, energy, motion, conviction, courage, hope, learning, obedience, and power.

My desire for Immanuel, the force that consumes my thoughts, drives my prayer, and prompts me to write this letter, is that our our lives will be saturated with Scripture, marked by prayer, centered around the life of the church, and given to the witness of the Gospel in our homes, work, community, and beyond.

This is not a call to change direction, but a call to continued obedience, and a call to expect that God has yet greater things in store for Immanuel Bible Church.

In Christ,


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