News Update from Papua New Guinea: Doug Vaughan

News Update from Papua New Guinea: Doug Vaughan


Latest news received from Doug Vaughan in Papua New Guinea.

While we were meeting at lunch today with the Kokopo Gideons , the ground began shaking. We were on a platform at the edge of the coast. It turned out to be a 7.5 earthquake with an epicenter about 4 miles from us. They closed many schools which impacted some of our Gideons. Some Gideons had minor damage at their homes. The Hotel owner told us we needed to come more inland because of the possibility of a Tsunami. We visited churches and 1 church had part of roof falling down. Praise God no one was hurt. Please pray for no more big earthquakes. God blessed our day so much. Pray for new members and new beginning for camp tomorrow. Thanks for your prayers 

Pray that the many earthquakes & aftershocks will not delay or impede their planned Scripture distribution.

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