Prayer & Praise Update from Carl & Karen Matinsen

Prayer & Praise Update from Carl & Karen Matinsen


Greetings, here’s a quick update and some recent “happenings” ……   

Thursday, June 18, Karen and I returned to MS from another 3-week trip.  We visited some SETECA donors in Montana, South Dakota (Ralph & Helen Porter-former SETECA staff), and in Missouri.  We also visited some personal donors in MT and MO while we were in the area.  “On the way” to MT, we first drove to Yakima, WA where 7 of my siblings and spouses and some nieces and nephews gathered for a special 2-day family reunion.   It was a good trip with lots of nice weather, but we had a few days of really stormy weather – most of the time there was beautiful scenery along the way. 

Travel timing worked out well for us to “celebrate” our anniversary in S. Dakota, visiting Mt. Rushmore on the afternoon of the 13th, and the morning of the 14th driving through the Badlands Natl Park.   

While at Mt. Rushmore, climbing up some stairs, I felt quite a bit of “pressure” in my chest – clearing up after resting for a few minutes.  The next day it happened again, somewhat less than the previous day.   And since, it’s happened 2 more times at lesser degrees, while walking – not doing anything heavy. 

We arrived at our daughter Carlene’s on the 18th, because I already had an appointment set up with my primary care dr here in MS.  He has been working with the heart dr in changing my meds around to see what might work best for blood pressure without too many side effects.  They did an EKG, blood/lab test, and an x-ray to see if they could identify “what was happening”.  So far, nothing has been identified, but they are waiting for results from one blood test that was sent to Boston which takes about 3 weeks.  They say the blood test may show if there has been some heart “issues” or damage due to the “chest pressure” incidents. 

So for now, our travel/SETECA rep plans are on hold – we had planned to be back on the road by now.  We had plans to be in the Dallas area for a few days and then in the Houston area for a couple of weeks in July.  We are trying to see the dr again soon to get a better explanation of what he’s thinking, and to see if, or when, we might be able to travel away from the area again.  

Carlene and Rob are in the adoption process of a little boy who should be born the first part of August.  He has a condition called gastroschesis,  where part of the intestines are outside the body cavity – a common condition and easily fixed says the specialist.  When he is about 3 days old they will operate to put it all back in place;  he will have to be hospitalized for several weeks until he is digesting properly. 

Please pray for:

  •  Clear direction and wisdom for the primary care and heart doctors
  • Clear results from the blood test which should come back in about 2 weeks now
  • Patience and wisdom for Karen and me as we wait for the Lord’s clear direction in all this – what’s next for us
  • The possibility of seeing the primary care dr again the first of the week to get more input from him since they now have some test results taking at my appt on the 19th.
  • Pray for the health of the birth mother and the baby that Carlene and Rob are adopting.

With our love and prayers, Carl, for Karen, too

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