Newsletter from the Nessim Family

Newsletter from the Nessim Family


There’s a lot happening in our ministry right now, and I want to keep you in touch!

We are just three weeks away from beginning a new ministry in the Northwest and Vancouver, B.C. We are at the same time in the midst of saying some bittersweet goodbyes to people we have ministered to, become friends with, and shared the Gospel with over the years. One such is my friend Baruch* who has invited us to his home for Shabbat dinner tomorrow. We’ve known Baruch* for ten years now, and he’s the most delightful person you could hope to meet. He is generous and kind, and we wish that he could know the Saviour as we do. We know God’s hand is on him, and so I just pray that at the right time he will make the right choice.

Tomorrow we attend Beit Sar Shalom, our congregation in Golders Green. Last week, due to a neo-Nazi rally planned, the church that hosts us actually asked us not to use the building… as they needed to use it for a counter-demonstration! As a result, we had our meeting in our ministry’s office, just overlooking the Underground Station where the rally had been planned. Fortunately, the police viewed it as too much of a provocation and forced the rally to reconvene in central London – far from us. Our friends at the church that hosts us just went down there instead, and with others outnumbered the neo-Nazis ten to one! What a great witness for the Gospel. The next evening, I preached at the same church, and the pastor’s wife spoke to the congregation with tears of compassion in her eyes for the Jewish people who have had to go through so much in Europe, and are still faced with hatred. What a blessing!

As we look forward to Seattle, we can see exciting ministry opportunities ahead. I (Daniel) am still waiting for my US visa, but we trust that it will come in the Lord’s time.

We are so thankful to those of you who have been able to give specifically and sacrificially towards our moving expenses. It is greatly appreciated and is a tremendous help.

nessimMay the Lord bless you!


* Name changed