Praise & Prayer Requests: Emre & Gulsen Kaarali & Family

Praise & Prayer Requests: Emre & Gulsen Kaarali & Family


You remember us in your prayers, thank you.

Praise Requests:

     We have been blessed with a very relaxing time in America from May to August of this year.   Studying English everyday was one of our reasons to be here.  It has indeed been very relaxing.  We’ve been able to meet some dear brothers and sisters in the Lord as well.  We’re grateful for each one we’ve met.  However, on the 5th of August we will be returning to Turkey.  We are also looking forward to being back at home, but are so thankful to God for the 3 months in the USA. 

      We are so thankful for how faithfully the members of our church in Izmit have been to continue the ministry in our absence.  What thrills us the most is that these dear brothers and sisters have had some great times learning from our Lord, not from us. 

Prayer Requests:

     The first week in September, we’ll be having our IPKV Church’s camp.  May this time be a great blessing to each person attending, and may hearts be changed to be more like Christ.  May those members with jobs be granted days off for this event. 

     Pray with us that the group in Adapazarı come together again.  Unfortunately, regular times of meeting together haven’t taken place in our absence.   

     Our prayer is that the Lord’s Church be planted in Adapazarı.

     Pray with us that we will be able to share the Gospel in Izmit with more people.

     We’re continuing to pray about the Court Hearings concerning the assassination attempt.  The 24th of June date was cancelled, due to the Army Captain’s and the Commissioner’s confessions not being completed.  They had over 6 months to complete these.  Those who were involved are still on the streets as any request that they be brought to justice was denied. 

     Turkey is going through a very challenging time now.  It’s as though we are going to war.  Pray with us that this not happen, so more innocent lives are not lost. 

Karaali Family 3Many Blessings

Emre Karaali

(Emre, Gulsen, Cemre & Egemen)