Dragan Valesanov: Prayer Requested for Humanitarian Crisis

Dragan Valesanov: Prayer Requested for Humanitarian Crisis


Dear Friends,

First of all I would like to greet you from Macedonia in the name of Jesus who is our Savior and Lord.

image002In Macedonia we are facing with Humanitarian crises. There are thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants running away from the war in Syria, Afghanistan going through Turkey, Greece, Macedonia and Serbia to Western Europe by foot, with no conditions of life. Looks like Biblical exodus. It is very sad to see all of these hopeless people running before ISIS to save their lives.

With the border of Turkey right now are waiting over 3 million immigrants who are running before Islamic State because they are killing everyone who don’t want to join ISIS. All of these immigrants are planning to move to Europe to start a new life. Through Macedonia every day are going couple thousand people (elderly, small kid’s, men and women and whole families) hoping to find better life in Germany, France, United Kingdom, Scandinavian countries…The situation with the Immigrants in Macedonia went out of control three days ago because they are hopeless, exhausted and depressed. To survive, the immigrants are entering with no permission to the family properties and houses and showing violence in the cities.

Two days ago the Macedonian government needed to take the control by sending military at the border helping the policemen and allowing every hour couple of hundred people to enter Macedonia, not thousands like before, because of violence in the Cities. The Red Cross, and other government humanitarian organizations, are bringing food, water, and medicine and are helping the immigrants.

The sad part of the story is that together with the hopeless immigrants entering Europe, there are soldiers of Islamic State pretending to be victims of ISIS. The statistics says that over 4000 people of ISIS entered in Europe until now together with the illegal immigrants to make terrorist attacks starting from the Balkans to: Austria, Germany, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Scandinavian countries…

Europe is in a big trouble. If right now there are already 4000 Arabic terrorist in Europe how many more will enter when all these 3 million immigrants come to Europe? There will be an army of terrorists through whole of Europe and will start to fight on the ground of Europe as they started in Near East.


On the TV was presented that the Macedonian soldiers are violent to the immigrants. They are not violent they just want to secure the way of the immigrants to Western Europe and to control who is entering in Europe.

  1. Pray for the Immigrants and their journey to the final destination
  2. Pray for protection from ISIS in Europe
  3. Pray for the Church to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to the Immigrants

image001Thank you for having our ministry in your prayers!

May God bless you all!


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