Eastern Turkey Outreach Report; David Byles

Eastern Turkey Outreach Report; David Byles


Thanks for praying during our outreach in the East.

The needs, opportunities and challenges of these eastern provinces were overwhelming. Where to start? 

In the 1800s the provinces we passed through was full of ethnic Christians (not all necessarily born again), and in fact there were many Protestant churches there. In Elazig we came across the ruins of a protestant church that must have seated several hundred. Now it is abandoned and has no roof, and the large area around it (a whole city block) is used as a parking lot.

Later that day we preached outside some cafes near the ruins of the ancient Armenian city of Harput. On the side of the rocky peak on which the citadel’s ruins are located is a church built into the rock which apparently is one of the oldest church buildings in the world, dating to AD 159.

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So, so so much more to write; our hearts are full of both sadness but also joy from what we’ve seen and experienced these last two weeks.

Onward rejoicing,

David for the rest of the family (all of whom were on the outreach)