Prayer for Young Life Camp in Bulgaria

Prayer for Young Life Camp in Bulgaria


Prayer is requested for this Opportunity to share God’s Word.

W are going on Young Life summer camp in Bulgaria. Two years ago, we took 17 kids to the camp in Bulgaria, Last year we had 22 kids and we make the summer camp in Macedonia, and this year we are going again in Bulgaria and we have 26 kids. Every year we are growing step by step. My wife Vesna will lead the girls (will be 6 girls), and I and pastor Dragan will have 20 boys. We will be coming back on Friday and I will give you an update from the summer camp. Many of the kids have Orthodox back ground. I believe that the kids will have what to tell to their parents after the camp. First year all 17 kids pray to receive Jesus for their Lord and Savior. Last year we had again a spiritual fruitful year at the camp. I pray that this year will be something special to the kids. Summer camps are the full target for the kids to understand the Gospel.

Please keep us in your prayers.

Serving Christ together

Toni & Vesna Georgiev