Prayer Requested: Stan Gillespie

Prayer Requested: Stan Gillespie


Stan Gillespie & Dan DeGroat (Global Outreach Group) will be in South Asia conducting a Camp Leaders Training Conference, September 17 – 21.

We are thrilled with all that God is doing in the ministry that we are involved with. Some of the opportunities we cannot put in writing for security purposes. But as you pray for us and the ministry that we are involved with through Global Outreach Group, God knows how to use those prayers. 

I Stan, have been to East Asia twice in the last 6 months and leave for South Asia in two weeks. Some of our training and consulting can be done by internet, but there are times when it needs to be done face to face.

It has been a joy to disciple and train the nationals that plan to take God’s word to the local peoples, and then to see them use the tools we have been working on to see lives changed for eternity. In these countries the young leaders are free to do “camping”. They do not have the freedom to do ministry (speak) openly in groups, but camping does give the opportunity to meet and work with individuals one on one or in small groups.  A person cannot be a “missionary” but he/she can be a camp leader/director.

Please pray for:

  • Continued openness to disciple and train nationals.
  • Quality leaders to step up in ministry.
  • Care for the many security issues that come up.
  • God’s Word to get out through these nationals and change lives.

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