Update:Steve & Sherree Francis

Update:Steve & Sherree Francis


A large part of our work here in C-SEA is to walk people through the process from initial inquiry all the way to arrival in Asia……Steve helping with financial things and Sherree building their personnel files. As we build these relationships, we get to read about their journey through newsletters and emails. Often we’re encouraged by the stories we read, but unfortunately the news can sometimes be less encouraging too. It reminds us that we need to continue in regular prayer for our colleagues serving across Asia. 

Here’s a snapshot of some of the news we’ve heard, or emails we’ve read recently: 

  • From a colleague in China who Steve spends a lot of time helping with financial matters by email:
  • From a colleague (Ben) in Mongolia, who Sherree helped through the application process for almost 2 years, and who finally arrived in Mongolia in February this year. Steve met Ben in May when he travelled to Mongolia for meetings, and spent time with Ben helping him with many financial questions he had:
  • From Ganaa, a Mongolian lady who runs the Celebrate Recovery project in Mongolia – a project we’ve both been interested in supporting and promoting for many years now. We’ve often advertised this project around the SIM world, and this year both SIM-USA and SIM-UK have promoted it in literature. We’ve all been encouraged by significant donations received this year as a result of the promotion…….

We have had some recent less encouraging news too:

South African colleagues who’ve been in China for 7 years and become good friends of ours have had to return home because their visas weren’t renewed. They could no longer get student visas to study language (a lifelong endeavour for many in China!) so they looked for jobs teaching English – which they did when they first lived in China. The husband was interviewed and offered a job by 3 different universities, but each time the paperwork was submitted for a work permit, the government department concerned denied the application……..apparently South Africa isn’t on the list of nations that that province accepts as being sufficiently ‘English’.

Please pray for them as they seek the Lord for guidance on what to do next…….

– Two single girls (college friends) from USA moved to China earlier this year, and started to learn Mandarin – with the eventual plan of working with university students, and helping them with English. Both of us were involved in their placement, finances, orientation from a distance, etc. But after 5 months these girls have found it too overwhelming and struggled in a few ways – and have decided to return home.

Please pray for them – that they and their local church will know what lies ahead for them, and where God is leading in this confusing time. 

Please continue to pray for our ministries here – in administration (personnel and financial), and in the community where we live. This month marks out 10-year anniversary of moving to Thailand.

 God bless you all,

 Steve and Sherree

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