Welcome Jerod Harper!

Welcome Jerod Harper!



On Sunday, August 9th, Immanuel Bible Church voted to call Jerod Harper as our next Associate Pastor of Family Ministries.

This is, as they say, a “big deal.”

Our families are under constant pressure from the culture to conform to the illusions of the world, rather than be conformed to the image of Christ. We see this in the news, in our community, and even at times, in our own homes.

Jerod will play a key role in providing the training, encouragement, support, and leadership that our families need to grow in grace, persevere in trials, and be bold witnesses to Christ.

But Jerod will not be alone in this great work, for he enters into a tradition at Immanuel of faithful service, Biblical fidelity, and passionate Gospel testimony. As believers, we have a responsibility and privilege to be lights in a dark world, make disciples, and engage the culture in a loving and winsome way with the truth of the Gospel, by the power of the Spirit, and for the glory of the Father.

This isn’t about simply surviving the post-Christian culture, but rather, this is about thriving in it. This is about willingly and boldly entering into the fight for the hearts of our children, the salvation of souls, and the advancement of the Kingdom.

Will you join me in praise to our Father for providing the Harper family and commit to prayer for them during this time of transition?

In Christ,