Urgent Prayer Request: David Byles

Urgent Prayer Request: David Byles


The following was received this morning (September 13, 2015).

Please Pray for Help to assist in needed cleaning following the flood.

For those who haven’t heard already the stream near the new BCC building flooded and the nearby neighborhood was flooded with up to 10cm of water. All the basements in the area were flooded, included ours (and the ground floor). Here are pictures.

I’ve just read that the most crucial time to beat mold and bacteria after a flood is the first 24-36 hours. We plan to hire professional cleaners, but they can’t come until Monday, and the flood started around 3:30pm yesterday. So we’d like to have as many as possible help today. For those who don’t have big responsibilities in church this morning and who are fit to clean, they could come immediately (I’ll be there to open the building around 10am). Those who are able could bring fans and cleaning materials and disinfectant (check google for advice on this). Those who will be in church can encourage others to come and help this afternoon or evening. Many will need to first go home and get changed, in which case it probably would be good to bring some cleaning equipment from home (mop, etc.). If my phone is busy or you can’t get through to me (0535 553 4258), try calling others you know who might well be there. I know Ulrike and Diane will, no doubt others but I haven’t been able to call them yet.

Please share this also with others who might be able to help, or who can pray for us.

Address: Nabizade Sok. 46 Hasanpaşa Mah. Kadıköy (google maps)

More later. Thank God for the body of Christ in times like this. 

David Byle

We went through fire and water but you brought us to a place of abundance.  Psalm 66:12

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28