Update & Prayer Request for Karen Martinsen

Update & Prayer Request for Karen Martinsen


Hi, here’s a brief note on my eye situation.    

Thanks for praying for us, especially about my eye.  I saw a new eye dr on Oct. 14, whom the former doctor had recommended.  This new one seems very good;  we really like him, and we’re making the change to see him from now on.  He did an ultrasound on the eye, and confirmed that the eye is “dying.”   The retina is detached, and not much can be done to regain sight or save the eye.  He said it’s our decision whether to have the eye removed or not, and when we’d like to have it done.  This coming Wednesday, Oct. 28, we see him again along with a surgeon in that clinic who does the eye surgeries (removal).  We’ll get more info on what’s involved with removal and putting in a prosthesis.  Karen and I have agreed that it’s probably best to proceed with getting a “new” eye.  I still have some irritation and pain in the eye along with some headaches, and the medication/drops I am using sometimes makes it more irritated and painful.   After the 28th, we’ll know more about what lies ahead (if, when, etc.), and we’ll send out another update.  Appreciate your prayers. 


Carl, for Karen, too