Subjects for Praise & Prayer; Pastor Emre Karaali, Izmit, Turkey

Subjects for Praise & Prayer; Pastor Emre Karaali, Izmit, Turkey


Happy Christmas to you all,

Subjects for Praise:

Thank God that we were able to rent a venue that seats 430 people for the Christmas Celebration.  They willingly gave us permission.

  • We invited a few artists to join us for our Christmas celebration and one has agreed to do so, thank God.
  • We’re thankful that 90% of the finances needed to pay for all the advertisement and organization of this Christmas event have come to us.  We’re especially grateful to God for the generosity of our brothers and sisters. 
  • Praise Him for the faithfulness of brothers and sisters here in participating in Bible studies.
  • My wife and I are grateful to God for the 9 years we’ve completed as a married couple.
  • We’re also thankful that the children are not experiencing any problems at school. 

Subjects for Prayer:

  • Pray for this Christmas event being planned for December 25th.  Last year the place was packed but this year people are afraid of crowded areas due to this years’ bombing incidents.  Pray with us that God would touch people’s hearts to really want to come.
  • There are still a few empty places to be filled by people to complete our Christmas event plans.  Pray with us for God’s provision.  (For instance, instrumentalists, folks willing to hand out invitations, those who are willing to serve that night, and the 10% financial need).
  • We are hoping to rent a place for the Adapazari group this coming year, so they can begin regular worship each Sunday.  Actually, we’ve been looking to rent a place for the past 2 months, but haven’t found anyone willing to let us hold meetings in their building.  We’d appreciate your prayers with us over this.
  • Pray with us that those in our fellowship become more willing to take on spirit led responsibility in this come year of 2016.  What a blessing it would be to be able to leave our fellowship in the hands of responsible servants of the Lord. 
  • Please pray for me personally, as I’m struggling to make the best use of my time.  I’m involved in finishing a course in theology, as well as writing a book, and I need God’s help for sure. 
  • I’ve already mentioned before something about the Court Hearings.  So we appreciate your continued prayer with us that some development take place, that the Commissioner and Centurion involved give their report honestly, as those who wanted to assassinate us are still hassling members of our church which is very stressful. 
  • Continued to pray that we know what to do with this church building that’s falling apart.  With a heavy snow, it may cave in.  We are collecting funds for a new building, but with no wealthy person in our fellowship it’s just a small beginning to meet the need.  We believe God is able to completely supply.  We’ve requested the use of the historic building in this area twice, but have been denied access both times.  Please pray with us that the Lord would provide the right church building that would be in an accessible place, a place of peace that women and families in this area would come to without hesitation.

 Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace, according to thy word: For mine eyes have seen thy salvation, Which thou hast prepared before the face of all people; A light to lighten the Gentiles, and the glory of thy people Israel. Luk 2:29-32  

Emre Karaali