New Update:Pastor Emre Karaali, Turkey

New Update:Pastor Emre Karaali, Turkey


Hello everyone,

We are grateful to you. You always have to faithful our prayers. You pray  and God works in my life, in my family, and my service.

Praise God for the following: 

  • The evening of the 25th of December when we celebrated Christmas went very well.  There were less people coming this year than last year, but when you consider the bombing going on in the country, the hall was fairly filled up.   I couldn’t count them, but there didn’t seem to be many empty spaces.  The helper of the Governor of Kocaeli was there for the first time, and so were the Directors of our Provinces’ Cultural Center and Tourism Center.   There were representatives from our Political Party as well as local journalists.  Ninety people filled in our questionnaire, so that we can reconnect with them .  Each visitor was given a package with a small New Testament and the Jesus film in it, showing what Christmas means.  There were visitors who attended this event coming to check out our own church service the following Sunday.  I am especially grateful that the Governor’s helper came, which is a fantastic development.  All that was negative as we worked toward this effort has turned into blessing, so let’s thank God together.
  • During these last few weeks we’ve had wonderful visitors coming to our church and attending Bible studies, and asking very good questions.   We’re so grateful.
  • We are able to visit with others in Adapazari who are showing interest in the Gospel.
  • We are grateful for the we internet sevice (National evangelistic website and facebook page) which allowed us to inform a number of Turks around the country of Christmas celebrations happening new them, so that many responded.
  • Our daughter, who is continuing her 1st year of school is able to do so well at reading surpassing her classmates.  We are thankful to God for our children.Our daughter pray every day that they are successful in school.  We’re thankful that they are growing in their love for Jesus.

Prayer Requests: 

  • Pray with us that those who’ve heard the Gospel will open their hearts to God’s love for them and receive it into their lives.
  • These last few months there’s been some messy happenings with some of the members in our church.  We’ve had to ask them to stay away sadly.  We are asking God for wisdom and knowledge to do the right thing.  Pray with us that God protect His church and bring it to maturity.
  • We’ve wanted to begin worship as a church fellowship in Adapazari, but we can’t find anyone willing to let us hire a place to do so.  When they learn that we are Christian, they change their minds about letting us rent their place.  Pray with us that there will be a peaceful location made available to us to worship God.
  • Pray with us for Turkey, as there’s been more deaths, more bombs and more terrorists in the streets.   May God’s peace come to our country, we pray.
  • The Izmit Church building is in great need and very unsafe.  I’m still pursuing the idea of remodeling the old church building in our city with those in charge.   Pray with us that God open the door to us.
  • Since the night of the 25th, I’ve had a sore throat and infection in my upper left nasal area.  I’ve been on antibiotics as I’ve seen the doctor 3 times, but am having a hard time throwing off this infection.  It’s made life more difficult for me, as I’ve lacked strength to even leave the house.  Please pray for my healing, in Jesus Name.
  • Pray that God direct our steps for 2016, and shows us what He wants us to do this new year.

Give thanks unto the LORD, call upon his name, make known his deeds among the people.  (1Ch 16:8)

Many Blessings,

Emre Karaali