Urgent Prayer Request: Macedonia

Urgent Prayer Request: Macedonia


Received from Toni Georgiev today: An open door of opportunity with urgent prayer requested for God to move in  the hearts of those who will hear God’s message of hope tomorrow (Wednesday).

Dear prayer and support team,

Today on our home group bible study in Murtino with me come my Turkish friend Fikri and his son Ayhan. I speak from the 1 Thessalonians 1 chapter. We comment of the message and my friend Fikri lead by the holy spirit say that we should strive to be like Jesus and to start to follow Him.

I was amazed from his comment and I think that Fikri is every day more and more close to accept Jesus for His Lord and Savior. On the way back while I was driving to Strumica Fikri told me that we need to go in every home in Strumica and area and to give bibles to the people.

 Another Turkish Muslim friend – Sazgin, call me and invite me in his home tomorrow where is going to be together with more than 30 Muslim Imams. Probably they will ask me a lot of questions tomorrow and I will share the Gospel to them. The reason why they will be at Sazgin’s home is because son of Sazgin is sick and they will have lunch in Sazgin house, thinking that the lunch will heal son of Sazgin. His name is Muhamed and is 14 year old. He suffer from pain at his spine. He was 30 days at the state hospital but the doctor’s can’t find from where the pain is coming.

Dear brothers and sisters, I need your prayers for tomorrow. Please also pray for Muhamed (son of my friend Sazgin) that Jesus will heal him. I’m almost every day with Turkish Muslim people and try to bring them close to Christ. I make a lot of friends. I come to many obstacles from some people but I know that God hear our prayers and He will help us.

Thanks that you support me in your prayers.

Serving Christ together

Toni Georgiev