Prayer Request: Toni Georgiev

Prayer Request: Toni Georgiev


Dear prayer and support team,

Turkish Muslim man Ali (man with the red shirt on the picture) is father of my friend Kenan. Almost every day I’m among them and try to establish good friendship and bring them close to Christ through short bible stories. Many times I lead them through some bible stories at Ali’s house that they can understand who Jesus Christ is, but Ali had pressure from his Turkish Muslim friends and some how he become very closed for the Gospel. I know that he understand many things until now but he have some spiritual barriers from his friends and the people that are deeply involved in the Islam. I hear that some people(friends,neighbors of Ali) are not agree with that what I teach them and probably that is the reason because Ali start to have some misunderstanding with his daughter Perihan and his son in law Fikri. Perihan and Fikri start to declare that they are followers of Christ and Ali start to become very nervous about that.

  In my last prayer request I ask you to pray for Samina and her difficult pregnancy. I take Samina to the state hospital in the capital city and the doctors make her c section birth and the baby will survive the doctor’s said. Samina is at home but the baby is still at the hospital (the baby is girl). The doctor’s said that they will give her the baby next week. Praise the Lord and thanks for the prayers. Samina is daughter in law of Ali. They are one very nice family but have very big pressure from the Islamic people.

Prayer request:

  • Please pray for Ali that he will overcome the obstacles that he have from his friends;
  • Pray for his son Kenan that he will understand the Gospel and will turn to follow Jesus;
  • Pray for Turgaj and his wife that our friendship will grow and that the Holy Spirit will touch their hearts for the Gospel;
  • Pray for Fikri and Perihan that they will grow in the faith of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior;
  • Pray for Jashar and Samina and the baby

Serving Christ together