Chiang Mai Impressions: Steve & Sherree Francis

Chiang Mai Impressions: Steve & Sherree Francis


We are now back in Chiang Mai and in the midst of moving out of our house into our temporary accommodation…….what a whirlwind the last few week have been!

We thank you all for your prayers and notes of encouragement as we made the unplanned trip back to USA to see Sherree’s mother.
We’re happy to say that Sherree’s mother has improved greatly. Having seen her so ill, she really has made a remarkable recovery so far. But this illness has taken its toll, and she will need some time in a rehab facility to regain her strength and ability before she is released to return home.
She is still in hospital, but we should hear any day where she will be discharged for rehab and the next stage of her recovery.

It was a stressful time for all of us; but we are so glad we could be there to help support Sherree’s family. As Sherree’s sister was also there, we realized that it had been over 8 years since Sherree, her sister and brother had all been together – so although the circumstances weren’t wonderful, it was a good time to be together.
We’re keeping in contact with Sherree’s stepdad for daily updates and continue to pray that her mother will slowly regain her strength and be able to return home again.
We will have to wait and see what long-term effects this illness will have had on her kidneys and lungs.

So……..back here, we are now moved into our temporary apartment, and today (Saturday) are having an open house to try and sell the last few remaining items. Steve’s parents arrive for a 2-week visit on Monday; and in between we are trying to keep up with work emails.

We would appreciate prayer as our leaving day (20 July) approaches and there is still lots to organize, handover and plan for as we leave from the roles we’ve been holding in C-SEA for over 8 years. Steve should be able to begin his handover next month when our Office Manager returns from Home Assignment. Until then, he’s working to get everything organized for this handover.

We look forward to Home Assignment and being able to share in person how this last term has been. Our long-term plans are “flexible” until we can see how Sherree’s mother has progressed and what long term needs there might be with her family. But we have peace about wherever God leads us.

Thank for your prayers.

Steve and Sherree Francis

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