Summer Travel Plan: David Byles Family

Summer Travel Plan: David Byles Family


It seems it’s best for me (David) not to travel outside Turkey this summer until at least some of my court cases have been decided, which means that rather than spending 2 months outside of Turkey (first in the States, then in Europe), Ulrike and the kids will have a shortened time in the States, travel back to Turkey, then have a shortened time in Europe.

As our older kids are able to travel alone, and since they all have different plans and opportunities this summer, some of them will be leaving early from the States and Europe to return to Turkey.

Although Ulrike and the older two will make a brief visit to Chicago to visit supporting churches (and for Johannes and Rebecca to visit some universities there), sadly we won’t be able to make a trip through Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa (or to Texas and Atlanta, GA) as we had hoped.

Here is a calendar of our travel plans. Please pray that all goes well with these plans.

Feel free to share this with others who might want to know.

Yours in Christ,