Toni Georgiev; Helping Hands

Toni Georgiev; Helping Hands


Subject: Prayer request

Dear prayer and support team,

Today my friend Fikri call me and ask me did we can put pipes for water in his house. The municipality bring water line at his yard but it was far from the house and we had to digging the ground to bring the pipes to the house. We make the pipes installation and tomorrow the municipality will turn the water line on. Fikri and his wife Perihan were so happy that finally they will have water at their house. Fikri and Perihan have Muslim background but they decide to follow Jesus. The biggest problem is that they are not educated and don’t know to read and I gave them audio bible stick with the new testament that they can hear the bible. In the last 6 months they didn’t miss any our regular Sunday church service.
Dear brothers and sisters I spend so much time with those family, try to build our friendship and try to help them to grow spiritually. They trust me so much and I have big impact over their lives. I believe that they will become mature believers and will bring a lot of Turkish Muslim people close to Christ in their area.
Please keep Fikri and Perihan in your prayers and also me and my family.

Serving Christ together,