Ministry Update – Macedonia

Ministry Update – Macedonia


Dear prayer and support team,

Yesterday I was with Turkish Muslim people at Safet house and there were 8 old people and a lot of children. When I started to speak about Jesus they didn’t allow me to express the gospel, all the time the Muslim leaders were interrupting me. I was 4 hours with them and they didn’t agree with the gospel. They are totally in a wrong way. I expected from Safet to be more open for Jesus but the Muslim leaders are confusing him. Spiritual darkness is very great and they do not allow the Holy Spirit to work in them. I was not able to take pictures because the situation was very tough. I believe that in the future the Holy Spirit will work in them and they will come to repentance in the name of Jesus Christ and start to follow him. I will continue to be among them and work with them.

Yesterday the kids from our basketball sport ministry and some kids from the church called me and told me that they want to start to have once a week bible studies at our church. They told me that they have a vision that many kids from the town will join them and that the group will constantly growth. We wait 8 years for that to happen. I’m so proud with the kids and I believe that many of them will become spiritual leaders and will join us in the team.

Zechariah 4:10
Do not despise these small beginnings

Prayer request:

  • Please pray for Safet and his family that the Muslim leaders in his area will not have impact in their lives and that they will open their hearts for Jesus.
  • Please pray for Firki and his whole family that the Muslim leaders will not have impact in their lives.
  • Please pray for our kids for the new beginning, that they will grow spiritually and that their parents will not be the obstacle in their lives for the spiritual growth. All our basketball kids have Orthodox background.
  • Please pray for me and my family that God will use us for His glory.


Serving Christ together.

Toni Georgiev