Urgent: Prayer requested

Urgent: Prayer requested


(Please note: 10:00 am – Bellingham is 8:00 pm – Macedonia)

Dear prayer and support team,

Last night while I was with my Turkish Muslim friend Fikri(who decide to follow Jesus) at his house and speak them about Jesus, one Turkish Muslim man (Safet) that he was at Fikri’s house while I was speaking ask me: ” Toni can you come one day to my house and speak about Jesus?” I was surprised and I said Yes. He said I will be free on tomorrow and come at 7pm.

So tonight I will be at Safet house and I will try to explain the Gospel to his family and bring them to repentance in the name of Jesus. At that area there is about 120 houses (about 500-600 Turkish Muslim people).
Dear brothers and sisters, I need your prayers for today because there is some radical Muslims that will not agree with that what I will preach. The most trouble man is Jashar and his company, people that are very strong Muslim oriented and never agree with that what I speak.
Please keep me in your prayers and if I will be able I will make some pictures from tonight I will send to you.

Serving Christ together