Prayer Requested – India

Global Outreach Group is involved in teaching & training of Camp Leaders worldwide. Our IBC Missionary,  Stan Gillespie, is a vital part of these training seminars.

Stan Gillespie - Bangalore, India Conference

Stan Gillespie – Bangalore, India Training Conference

In 2013, Global Outreach Group conducted a “Camp Leaders Training Conference” in Bangalore, India. As a result of this training ministry in Bangalore, a prayer request was received this week from a  ministry leader who attended the week-long training sessions.

(Due to the hostile actions toward Christians, & the potential for endangering ministry, we are not listing the specific location, or the name of the person requesting prayer). Pray that effective results will occur for this outreach in a hostile portion of North East India.

Note email prayer request, along with his appreciation for the training received during the seminar:

“…in the month of september 2014 , Youth in Mission (a discipleship training ministry) will have 10 days Discipleship training and 20 days outreach program in NE India.  20 youths will participate on this Ministry from four different denominations.

I met you at Bangaluru last year, your teaching on ‘Social Style’ was excellent.

Kindly pray for the discipleship training program. Thank you.”

Pray for Stan Gillespie, & the ministry of Global Outreach Group, as he/they are involved in similar training sessions in many other parts of the world.

Ukraine Refugee Crisis – Prayer requested for Churches providing Aid

Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 not the only big headline

Though it’s been dominating world news headlines, last week’s Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 crash isn’t the only big thing happening in Ukraine. Baptist Global Response partners say between 30 and 40 new refugees are arriving daily at a church in Kharkov, Ukraine from towns taken over by separatists.

Earlier this month, the United Nations reported that at least 42,000 people have been internally displaced by violence in eastern Ukraine. Another 18,650 Ukrainians were reportedly living in temporary housing in Russia, and 7,000 had been transferred to cities away from the border.

Many displaced families left eastern Ukraine with only the clothes on their backs. Churches and local believers are doing what they can to provide food, shelter ,and most importantly, the hope of Christ.

Click here to read more about this crisis.

“Pray for the Lord’s provision to meet the needs of those who have left their homes and jobs to protect their families. Pray for hearts to be drawn into a personal relationship with Jesus as His love is displayed through His people in the Kharkov region.”



Strumaci Young Life Camp – Prayer Requested


(The following Young Life Camp is currently in progress)

Dear prayer and support team,

Tomorrow (July 17)  we start with the Young Life Camp at the sport hall in Strumica. We have 21 kids from four different places where we are working.
Please keep us in your prayers. Pray that the Holy Spirit will prepare the kids spiritually,that they will be ready to hear the Good News. Every night at our church at the sport hall we have Evangelism and music for the kids. Pray also that God will protect us from injuries while the kids are will be play some games:basketball,volleyball,football…… The camp will finished at Monday and I will send you update and picture after that.
We need your prayers.




“Finally a Truly Good King”


The following is from an “ACT BEYOND” Missions post. (ACT BEYOND focuses on the Unreached People groups)

At Act Beyond, we often say that it is better to focus on discipleship rather than conversion. How does this look in real practice though? When someone is truly hungry for Truth, they will often be willing to be discipled before they even know the details of the good news of Christ. Discipling a “pre-believer” allows more time to build foundations that can be critical to those with zero exposure to the Christianworld view. Following is a testimony of the power of the Old Testament pointing to Jesus and preparing the seeker to respond with a resounding YES when they finally do hear the Good News of the Gospel.

KC is from a Tibetan Buddhist background, and her only exposure to Christianity and the Bible are a few foundational Old Testament stories one of teams in Nepal has shared with her. She has not heard the name of Jesus yet, although she soon will.

Recent stories she heard were about King David, and most recently about King David’s sin with Bathsheba. At the end of the David and Bathsheba story, during the discussion time, KC asked, “I thought David was supposed to be a good king? How could he do something like that?”

Later, after hearing about the promised Messiah from Isaiah chapters 9 and 53, she was asked, “What do you think about this Son who is going to be born?” This was her answer: “It sounds like finally a truly good king is going to come. In the story you kept saying ‘son’ but I think it is really God. God sent so many messengers through the stories you shared. But finally God himself is going to come.”

She gets it! God told his people through Abraham and through all the prophets that one day One would come whose origins were ancient, One who would take the weight of the world’s sin upon His shoulders. Our Savior. KC cannot read.  She has never read a word in her life, but when she heard a two and a half minute story out of Isaiah she got it. This ‘Son’ who was to be born to a virgin was not just a boy, or a king, or the greatest prophet to ever live. He is THE KING.

To read more from ACT BEYOND,


Toni Georgiev, Prayer Requested


Dear prayer and support team,

My Turkish Muslim friend Juska have new baby boy. They are now 12 people in their 2 little rooms in their house. Yesterday I had very blessed time at Juska’s family. Step by step they are coming more and more close to Jesus. I speak yesterday in their house from John 15 where Jesus said I’m the vine, you are the branches. I told them that we must be connected with Jesus if we want to have good fruits in our life’s. Now they have fight in their souls because they believe in Muhamed and now they Juska i fam. 002are hear the truth and that they must turn to Jesus. I can understand their spiritual fights in themselves. Rushan (Juska father in law) told me that he have some problems from his spiritual leader Haci Baba. Haci Baba is against Rushan to be with me while I’m at the Turkish Muslim area. The devil is try to destroy everything.

-Pray for Rushan that his spiritual leader Haci Baba will not going to make problems to Rushan.

-Pray for Juska and his family that they will understand the Gospel and will start to follow Jesus.

-Pray for Rushan’s family that they will see Jesus in Rushan life.

We are going now in another village call Sedlarci. I have friend there with name Jordanco. His family is still not Sedlarci 003   open for the Gospel. I ask him about empty building that we can hire for Evangelism. We walk in the village and he  show me the one single building(second picture) which is in not good condition but inside is clean and belong to  the village. They have village board and couple man’s making decisions for the village property

  -Pray for Jordanco and Irinka from village Sedlarci that they will open their house for the Gospel.

 -Pray for board in village Sedlarci that God will open their heart for the Gospel.








We had a tremendous week of Kids & Teen Camp!!!

The following Prayer & Praise letter is from our Missionaries, Dino & Ginny Pereira, in Brazil.
Be sure to note the wonderful testimony of this young girl!


We had a tremendous week of kids and teen camp! Thank you so much for
taking time to pray for us!!! See pictures annexed. In the picture above,
the girl holding a fork shared a neat testimony the last night of
camp. She told how she wanted to come to camp so much again this year, but
her parents just didn´t have the money so she started praying. She packed
her suitcase and kept praying. Her mom saw her suitcase and told her she
could just unpack it because there was no way she would be able to go.
Rebeka kept praying and trusting the Lord and do you know that just before
camp was to start a relative had to cancel his kids camp registration and
told Rebeca she and her brother could both go in their place. A double
answer to her prayer.

We have another 84 kids and teens arriving for camp. Please keep
holding us before the Lord. Pray God´s Word will sown in the power of the
Holy Spirit and that many campers will understand their need to receive the
Lord Jesus as Savior and Lord and that other will grow in their walk with
the Lord.

Keep praying for Dinho as he teaches the 7 Camp Leadership Training
students all this week and next. They did their practical work this last
week as the camp counselors. It was thrilling for us to see them growing as
they stepped out in faith putting what they´d been studying into practice.

Gratefully yours,
Ginny & Dinho


Day 5: Bibles & Fireworks – AZ Missions Team

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on July 5, 2014 by Elizabeth.)

“Gonna give all the glory, give the glory to our King

Gonna raise this roof when we start to sing

All the way to heaven our praises will ring

Gonna give all the glory, give the glory to our King”

– Go Fish Guys VBS song

It was a great last day of VBS! The word of the day was sanctification, and Micah did a fabulous job of presenting the gospel clearly and giving the children an opportunity to give their lives over to Christ. Although we didn’t have anyone make a decision today, many seeds were planted. We are praying God would grow the seeds we helped plant into a saving relationship with Him, and that the Lord would cultivate in each of them a softened heart, a life that is surrendered to Him.

We ended our VBS by presenting Bibles to each child; it was so exciting to be able to give away God’s word!! The older children got a complete Bible, and the younger received bilingual picture Bibles. We only had one left!! God is good. The kids were so excited to have their own Bible- a majority of the children didn’t own their own, much less one that is age appropriate. When being handed his Bible, one of our little boys proclaimed- “Awesome!!” When talking with the mothers at lunch, many of them commented on how excited they were to be able to read to their children Bible stories in Spanish. One mom even mentioned that her daughter has lots of questions about God, and she is so glad that her daughter now has a Bible to read.

During the afternoon, we finished up our work projects and cleaned up our VBS stuff. We then spent the rest of our afternoon at Steve’s son’s house playing in the pool, relaxing, and eating. We ended our 4th of July by watching a firework show in Glendale. It was a fun end to a great week.







Day 4 Update: Arizona Missions Team

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(Left to Right) John Vaughan, Jake Sorenson, Nathan Forbes, Micah Ellis, Hilleary Sorenson, Connor McEvoy (back row), Elizabeth Vaughan (front row) Katrina Anderson, David Anderson. Not pictured: Ann McEvoy, Greg Rice.

“The LORD will fulfill his purposes for me; your steadfast love, O LORD, endures forever. Do not forsake the work of your hands.” Psalm 138:8

Today was another day of VBS, and the word of the day was salvation. Things really seemed to click today in VBS – as the week has progressed we have gotten better at navigating the culture, placing the children into groups (strategically), and crafting a smooth schedule. Our unity as a team seemed most evident today in seeing everyone work together. The kids are already getting sad about the week coming to an end. We also helped with more re-organizing and putting the church in order for Sunday. This afternoon and evening was spent as a team; we spent the afternoon at Steve’s grandson’s house for a birthday party, and we met up with Graham Fujiwara for dinner. It was wonderful to relax and fellowship together as the body of Christ!

As the second to last day of VBS comes to a close, we are thankful for God’s steadfast love, and we are praying that God will help us finish strong tomorrow. The last day will include a special presentation of the gospel, and we are planning to talk and pray with any children who are interested. We are hoping and praying for many opportunities to share our faith. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers!







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It was another good day of VBS, and we also had a great time in the evening with the youth group! God is continuing to answer prayers. We will post more pictures tomorrow of today’s adventures.





Arizona Mission Trip Highlights


Great Is Thy Faithfulness! Day 2 Recap

VBS went very well today- a bit busier, but good just the same. We had double the number of children (Big answer to our prayers)! The theme for today was “Commitment” and the passage we focused on was Joshua 1:9 which says “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” The kids seemed to really enjoy it today and we as a team were kept busy! A highlight of the day was seeing two of the older boys at VBS, who can be quite challenging, come this morning early with yesterday’s focus verse perfectly memorized!

The rest of the day we spent organizing and deep cleaning the youth room and Sunday school rooms. The day ended with an intense game of Ultimate Frisbee at the local park- at a cool temperature of 106 degrees at 8 pm.

Prayer Points: Continued prayer for energy for the team as the days are long and busy, opportunities to share the gospel with the kids/have 1-1 conversations with them, personal spiritual growth and team unity.

We are so very thankful for your prayer partnership with us and for all the support you all have provided in the past months leading up to this week!


Day 2: VBS song session

Day 2: Musical Chairs

Day 2: Connor leading craft time

Day 2: Work party organizing and deep cleaning the youth room

Day 2: Enjoying the clean room



Meriam Ibrahim safe inside U.S. Embassy

UPDATE (9:45 a.m. June 27): Meriam Ibrahim and her family are safe inside the U.S. Embassy in Khartoum, her lawyer told reporters this morning.

After police released the Christian family yesterday, following their arrest at the airport on suspicion of forging travel documents, they fled to the embassy for protection. Ibrahim’s family has threatened to carry out the death sentence a judge overturned on Monday. A court had sentenced Ibrahim to hang for refusing to recant her faith.

U.S. officials told the Associated Press they are working to get the family out of the country. Ibrahim’s husband, Daniel Wani, is a naturalized U.S. citizen.



Meriam Yahia Ibrahim, persecuted not abandoned

A News bulletin from: International Christian Response

On Meriam’s Roller Coaster –

the Staying Power of Prayer

When our editor’s news service, Morning Star News, broke the news about Meriam Yahia Ibrahim, little did he know that the story of the then-pregnant woman condemned to death in Sudan for refusing to deny Christ would draw the attention of media and government officials worldwide. When she was finally released on June 23, we rejoiced in the Lord. But within 24 hours, the Islamic government of Sudan detained her family as they tried to leave the country.

Holding on to HIM in Sudan!

Recall that through Morning Star News our editor, Jeff Sellers, broke the news of Meriam, who was sentenced to death for Alleged apostasy and to 100 lashes for marrying a Christian. On June 23 an appeals court overturned the conviction. Meriam was released, along with her son, Martin, and newborn daughter, Maya. We regret to report that on June 24 Sudanese security agents detained Meriam, her husband Daniel, and their two young children at the airport in Khartoum as they were attempting to leave the country – on trumped-up charges related to their travel documents.
We pray for their safety as many seek to kill them or send them back to prison.

A Prayer Request & Latest News from Toni Georgiev


Dear prayer and support team,

I have new Muslim friend named Mejmet(Left side on the picture) He is friend of my friend Juska. I invite them couple day’s ago to be guest’s at my home and they come yesterday. We talk a lot about the Bible. Mejmet is 19 years old and very hard worker. He have son 4 years old. He married at 15 years. I spend time with them almost every day. Please keep me in your prayers and please pray for Juska and my new friend Mejmet that God will open their hearts for the truth. People are appreciated me at the Strumica Muslim area. I have also Muslim people who are against me because I spread the Gospel in their area. Please pray for God’s protection.

 Last week I meet boy in village Vasilevo. That is place where I’m going 1-2 times a week. The name of the boy is Ferdi. He is Muslim but he have bracelet on his right hand with symbol cross. I spent time with him and talk about Jesus and he is very open.I ask him about the bracelet and he told me that the bracelet is a gift from one his friend and that he liked the bracelet very much. In my life that is first Muslim man that I have seen to carries symbol cross on his hand. I don’t have picture from Ferdi but soon when I will make I will send you.

Pray for Ferdi that God will touch his heart for Him and that I will meet new Muslim boys in Vasilevo.

-Pray for Mejmet that God will work in his heart.

-Pray that God will use me among the Muslim people.

– from the Muslim people who are against the Gospel.



Juska i fam. 004