Do You Want a Great Life?

Do You Want a Great Life?

Mark 10:35-45

Sermon Application Questions 

  1. What is do you think is the attitude of James and John when they come to Jesus? What do you think they believe Jesus would do? What do they think it means for Jesus to “sit…in his glory?” What are the things that we commonly ask God to do for us that do not align with his plans?
  2. What is the cup that he will drink and the baptism he will undergo? How do you think that James and John would drink of that cup and undergo that baptism?
  3. What does authority of this world look like? What does it mean to “lord it over them?” How does greatness and authority in the kingdom of God differ?
  4. How should Christians use authority? What does Christian authority look like in our homes, jobs, and church?
  5. How was Jesus a servant? How do we serve one another?

Family Worship Questions 

  1. Read Mark 10:35-45 & Discuss:
  • What kinds of authority do you have in your life? Ex. Parents, teachers, bosses. How do they treat you? What is another way to say “lord it over them?” How would you describe their authority?
  • How would you describe the kind of authority that Jesus describes in verses 42-45? What would this kind of authority look like in our homes, schools, or places of work?
  • How did Jesus serve? What were the things that he did? How can we serve? Who are people we can serve?
  1. Sing: All Glory Be to Christ
  2. Pray