The Baby and the Dragon, Part 1

The Baby and the Dragon, Part 1

Growth Group Questions

How do the serpent’s words to Eve in verses 1 and 4, and Eve’s response in verses 2 and 3, differ from what God actually said in verses 16 and 17 of chapter 2? What is the serpent saying about God? What does Eve’s response tell us about her attitude towards what God said? (hint: look carefully at the references to God, the trees, etc.)

Eve wanted to decide what was right and wrong apart from what God had already revealed as right and wrong (verse 6). Is Eve alone in this? What evidence do we have of this attitude in our own hearts and in the world?

With Adam and Eve’s new “knowledge” comes guilt, and with guilt comes shame, and with shame, comes a desire to cover themselves. How do we try and “cover” our guilt and shame on our own?

What does God’s response to Adam and Eve in verses 8-11 tell us about God? Who came to whom?

God curses the ground, but not Adam, he curses the serpent, but not Eve, he makes childbirth and her relationship to Adam difficult, but promises that her offspring will destroy the serpent and make everything right again (14-19). This is a “covenant of grace.” What is a “covenant” in this text, and what is the “grace?” (hint: verse 15)

What does the rebellion of Genesis 3:6 and the grace of verse 15 mean for you?

Family Worship Questions

Read Genesis 3:1-15 & Discuss:

How does the serpent get Adam and Eve to disobey God? What are the things he says to them? What should they have said to the serpent?

Why do you think they hid from God? Have you ever done something wrong and tried to hide or avoid someone so that you aren’t punished? How do you feel when that happens? When you do something wrong what should we do instead of hiding or avoiding?

Verse 15: What does enmity mean? (Maybe read a couple other translations.) Who do you think is the one who will crush the head of the serpent?

Idea: If you have The Jesus Storybook Bible read “The Terrible Lie” (pg. 28-36) and/or if you have The Biggest Story read chapter 1 (pg. 19-27).

Sing (with instrument or just your voices) What Child Is This?