The Baby and the Dragon, Part 2

The Baby and the Dragon, Part 2

Discussion Questions
1,  Have you ever waited for something that you really, really wanted? Have you ever gone through difficult times, when there was no end in sight? How did you feel in the midst of those times? Maybe you are going through difficult times now?
God makes a dramatic promise to a people that he is about to judge. What does this text tells us about God’s heart for his people?
2. We live, as many Christians have throughout history, in uncertain times. What does the Bible tell us about God’s nature, plans, and timing? How does this encourage us
3. What will the “ruler” of verse 2 do? Who is the ruler, and how do we know? (hint: Matthew 2)
4. How does the “ruler” of Micah 5 compare to Eve’s “offspring” in Genesis 3:15?


Family Worship Questions
1. Read Micah 5:1-5 & Discuss:

  • Note: When we read the word ‘peace’ in English we tend to think of a place or situation free from war and strife. However, in the Old Testament ‘peace’ or ‘shalom’ has to do with completeness, soundness, or wholeness. Peace in the Old Testament means that everything is in its right place. For instance to have peace in your body is to be healthy. On the other hand to not have peace between countries means there is war and strife.
  • In what ways does our world, our country, our city, our family, or our lives not have peace?
    * Describe what these areas would look like if there was peace.
    * Verse 5 states, “he shall be their peace.” How is Jesus our peace? In what ways will Jesus be and bring peace to our world, our families, our lives?

2. Sing (with instrument or just your voices): “Joy to the World.”
3. Pray.