The Death of Death: Hope

The Death of Death: Hope

Isaiah 35:1-10 ESV

Community Group Questions

  1. What is the context of Isaiah 35? If you didn’t know anything about the social/national/political/religious situation at this time, what could you infer from this chapter, and say, the one before it?
  2. Chapter 35 was written a long, long time ago. To a different people, no less, far removed from Bellingham, Washington. Why is this chapter significant to us today?
  3. What kinds of imagery does Isaiah use, and why? For example, what is communicated by a blossoming desert?
  4. What does chapter 35 tell us about God? What does it tell us about ourselves?
  5. Isaiah is describing a new creation, a reversal of the curse of Eden. Who accomplishes this new creation, and how?
  6. If all you had was chapter 35, could you use it to explain the gospel of Jesus Christ to someone? What would you say?

Family Worship Questions

  1. Read Isaiah 35:1-10 & Discuss:
  • Have you ever been to a real desert? What did it feel like? Did you like it? Were you really thirsty? How is a life apart from God like that desert?
  • Isaiah describes places on the earth, and people on the earth, that are completely changed. How are they changed? Who changes them and why? How can we be changed?
  • What kind of a road does Isaiah describe? What are the people like who are on this road? Where does this road lead?
  1. Sing: O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing.
  2. Pray.