The Death of Death: Rejection

The Death of Death: Rejection

Isaiah 52:13-53:6 ESV

Community Group Questions

  1. In verses 52:13-15, the Servant is unique and special for at least three reasons. Can you identify them? (hint: there is one in each verse)
  2. What kinds of people does the world exalt, and why? Who does the Lord God exalt, and why? How does the world’s understanding of greatness compare to the Bible’s?
  3. What about the Servant makes men want to “hide their faces” from him and despise him? What do people think God thinks about this servant?
  4. What are “transgressions” and “iniquities?” In this text, to whom do they belong? Are they the Servant’s? If they were his, what would they indicate about the Servant? If they aren’t his, why then does he bear the punishment for them?
  5. What does “substitution” mean, and who is substituted for whom in this text? What is accomplished by this substitution, or in other words, who benefits and how? Who has peace with whom and why?
  6. Do people understand what is happening? Do they care? Does it change the reality of what happened?
  7. If we “like sheep have gone astray,” how will we ever be brought back to God? How will we ever have this peace with God, accomplished by the Servant, if we have all turned to our own ways?

Family Worship Questions

  1. Read Isaiah 53:4-53:6 & Discuss: (For younger kids it may be helpful to read a translation like the Good News Translation or a paraphrase like The Message along with your normal Bible, both can be found at
  • When you read this passage what are the reasons he is bearing, carrying, stricken, smitten, pierced, crushed? Note: Look for the “our” statements. What are our griefs, sorrows, transgressions, and iniquities?
  • Do you think this is fair? If not, why? Have you ever been punished for something you didn’t do? How did that make you feel?
  • He takes our wrongs, but what do we get from him doing that? Look at verse 5. How should that change how we live and relate to others?
  1. Sing: This Is Amazing Grace.
  2. Pray.