The End is the Beginning: Part II

The End is the Beginning: Part II

Acts 28:17-23

Sermon Application Questions

  1. How would you describe Paul’s heart for his Jewish brothers and sisters? Why does he keep pursuing them with the gospel? What lessons for our own lives could we take from his persistence?
  2. Have you ever felt very familiar with someone or something only to find out that you didn’t know them or it nearly as well as you thought you did? What was that like?
  3. What truths about the God of the Bible did the Jews in Jerusalem already know, and yet fell short of the saving truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ? What truths about God do people in our community already know, and yet fall short of the gospel?
  4. What prevents us from telling people about Jesus?

Family Worship Questions

  1. Read Acts 28:17-23 & Discuss:
  • What was the treatment Paul received from the Jews in Jerusalem? What does he desire to do with the Jews in our text? Even when people do evil against us, what should our desire be for them? Why is it hard to love all people?
  • Paul used the Old Testament to share the gospel with the Jews, because it was what they knew about God. What is something your friends and family know about God that you can use to share the gospel?
  • Many people in America know why Christians celebrate Christmas. How could you use the Christmas season to talk to others about Christ?
  1. Sing: Who Would Have Dreamed?
  2. Pray.