The Gospel and the King: Part III

The Gospel and the King: Part III

Acts 26:24-32

Community Group Questions

  1. What is it about Paul’s testimony to Agrippa that Festus thought so unbelievable? That Festus would even claim that Paul was “out of his mind?”
  2. Sometimes our testimony seems unbelievable to others, too. Have you ever been in a conversation with someone about Jesus and they thought you were out of your mind?
  3. How would you describe Paul’s heart for non-believers, for his enemies, even? What does Paul want for Agrippa and “all who hear me this day?”
  4. Festus obviously respects Paul’s “great learning,” and he, along with Agrippa and Bernice, agree with one another that Paul is innocent. What do you think Agrippa and Festus thought of Paul that day, and why do you think they thought that way? Could the same be said for you and I?

Family Worship Questions

  1. Read Acts 26:24-32 & Discuss:
  • What is Festus’ reaction to Paul? Have you ever had someone think you are “out of your mind” for believing in Christ? Why do you think people find it strange that we believe?
  • What was Paul’s desire for Agrippa and all who heard him give his testimony? Who are the people in your life that you desire that they would believe the gospel? What are ways you could share your testimony or the gospel with them?
  • Parent/guardians: Take this opportunity to write down these names and then as a family pray for these people.
  1. Sing: Behold Our God.
  2. Pray.