Archaeology & Creation

Answers in Genesis is an apologetic resource with archaeological insights.

Biblical Archaeology Society

Bible Places has outstanding photographs of the Holy Land.

Bible Study

Bible Gateway to help you memorize Scripture

Bible Study Tools will help you grow deeper in the Word. sells high quality Bibles.

Book Publishers

*Be a Berean. Compare the works of authors in their books to the work of God in His!

B&H Academic

Banner of Truth

CCEL – “Bringing Classic Christian books to life.”

Christian Book Distributors – Be discerning and understand the authors you read.

Christian Focus Publications


The Good Book Company

Grace Books

Lexham Press

Kregel Press

Matthias Media

New Growth Press

P&R Publishing

10 of Those

Counseling Helps

ACBC (Association of Certified Biblical Counselors) certifies biblical counselors.

BCC (Biblical Counseling Coalition) exists to promote excellent biblical counseling.

CCEF (Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation) is one of the best for resources on biblical counseling.

IBCD (Institute for Biblical Counseling and Discipleship) specializes in biblical conflict resolution.

Ministries Recommended

AGTV is “American Gospel TV.” Containing over 600 biblically-sound movies, programs, and videos, you can refute the errors of the “American Gospel.”

Alisa Childers on apologetics, theology, culture, and worship. Check out her podcast.

Alpha & Omega Ministries is the ministry of James White.

Christian Witness to Roman Catholicism provides helps for evangelizing Roman Catholics.

The Charlotte Lozier Institute promotes a deeper understanding of the value of human life, motherhood, and fatherhood, and identifies policies and practices that will protect life and serve both women’s health and family well-being.

The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood articulates the Bible’s teachings on gender roles.

Founders Ministries offers a number of good resources. Their work on Critical Race Theory and social justice is solid.

G3 Ministries educates, encourages, and equips local churches with sound biblical theology for the glory of God. Check out their podcast with Josh Buice. and their podcast here.

Heartcry Missionary Society founded by Paul Washer. Hear his podcasts here.

Just Thinking for Myself applies biblical truth to social, cultural, political, and theological issues in our world.

Living Waters is the ministry of Ray Comfort. Ray has a heart for people translated into powerful evangelism.

Proclaiming the Gospel is leading Roman Catholics to saving faith in Christ.

SO4J-TV is where Justin Peters identifies false teachers.

Truth for Life is the ministry of Alistair Begg in the nearby Cleveland area.

Utah Lighthouse Ministry prints research on the Mormon church.

Voddie Bauchum Ministries

Voice of the Martyrs has a free magazine subscription, too.

For Fun

Missionalwear for clothes and gifts.

SDG clothing for clothing and apparel.


Answers in Genesis with Ken Ham.

Behold Israel with Amir Tsarfati.

Cultish explores cults.

Didache is the ministry of Justin Peters

Every Women’s Grace

Expositor is sermon prep with Steve Lawson

For the Gospel is the ministry of Costi Hinn

Grace Community Church Podcasts

Grace to You is the ministry of John MacArthur

Hear Spurgeon

IFCA International

Dr Martyn Lloyd Jones

Men of the Word

One Passion is the ministry of Steve Lawson. Links to sermons are available here.

Running to Win with Erwin Lutzer

Sermon Audio is nothing but sermons!

The Missions Podcast

The Sword and the Trowel

Truth in Love is a biblical counseling podcast

Purity Matters

Covenant Eyes is great for internet accountability and filtering.

Teaching & Doctrine

500+ preaching resources: Excellent and diligently assembled by David Murray. will have some of these to “check out” for free.

Bill Barrick’s website – see his work on the Psalms, in particular.

Defending Biblical Inerrancy because the battle resurfaces every few years.

Expositor is sermon prep with Steve Lawson

IVP Commentary series, free and on-line.

Logos Bible Software and Accordance are amazing Bible software programs.

Michael Vlach’s website specializing in dispensationalism and the End Times.

Pre-trib Research Center for biblically solid teaching on End Times events.

Precept Austin has many free commentaries for lesson preparation.

Shepherds Conference podcasts is a good starting place to learn biblical Greek.

Worship in Music

Hymns of Grace gathers theologically sound hymns and resources for churches to play them.

Keith and Kristyn Getty are modern-day hymn writers, capturing the theology of the old with contemporary sounds.

Seeds Music is thoroughly Scriptural and awesome for our kids!

Sovereign Grace Music brings “sound+doctrine” together through exceptional talent.

Worship Matters “Resources for Music, Worship, and More from Bob Kauflin.”

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