I was encouraged to hear the feedback and discussion concerning our biblical evaluation of Critical Race Theory (CRT) during the Sunday equipping hour. There was much to learn. Not only were we attempting to understand the issues Scripturally, but we were also trying to understand the doctrines of CRT from the perspective of their advocates. We had encountered new terms, new definitions for familiar words, and some confusing reasoning. Perhaps you have felt confused or unable to understand what’s happening in the world around you as it goes “woke,” calls for “social justice,” or condemns “systematic racism.”

I’d like to recommend a few resources to you. These are resources we pull from for a portion of our learning. They represent a biblical view on the issues. They also do a nice job explaining them in layman’s terms. If you’d like to learn more, outside of our Sunday mornings together, the following three resources are a great place to start.

“Christianity and Wokeness” by Owen Strachan

Dr. Strachan begins this book by showing how “wokeness” entered the culture and the church. He then uses the Scriptures to critique their doctrines. I like the final chapter as well, “Hard Questions on American History and Other Topics” because it is concise and pointed. To order the book, click here.

“Faultlines” by Voddie Baucham

Dr. Bauchum uses the imagery of an earthquake to discuss how the tenets of CRT are harmful to the church. He shares his own upbringing, growing up black, and tests the claims of CRT against his experiences. I like how he incorporates many stories we’re familiar with from the news to illustrate his points. To order the book, click here.

“Just Thinking” Podcast

These guys are great. With over 1.2 million episodes downloaded, this is one of the most popular Christian podcasts in the U.S. Rightfully so. Darrell Harrison and Virgil Walker open up the Word on a variety of issues: Episode #108, “Critical Race Theory”; Episode #98, “George Floyd and the Gospel”; Episode #78, “Black Lives Matter and Abortion.” To access the free podcast, click here.

I trust you will these resources helpful. As believers, we are blessed to have a clear revelation given by God in His Word (2 Tim 3:16-17). We also benefit from others in the faith who do great research and understand the Bible. May the Lord bless you as you grow in its light.

With the affection of Christ, Pastor Michael

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