It’s been said in America that “abortion rights will die a death by 1,000 cuts.”
This saying, often spoken by pro-choice advocates, believes that Roe vs. Wade will remain law in the United States. They observe, however, that other pro-life activity does not cease. Those who advocate for the right-to-life continue their campaign. They fight and win smaller victories—when tallied together—represent a strong and effective force for life. Though their victory in Roe vs. Wade remains on the books, numerous smaller victories may turn the tide in the abortion war resulting in a “death by 1,000 cuts” for the pro-choice position.
Praise God. They’ve been right. The pro-life movement has had a good decade. Undercover videos revealed illegal profiting at Planned Parenthood. State legislatures enacted over 400 pro-life laws, including “heartbeat bills” (abortion is illegal if a heartbeat is detected). At the Supreme Court level now sit a majority of justices who have traditionally leaned pro-life. Four years ago, America elected a pro-life President. In his term, President Trump allowed states to defund Planned Parenthood of Medicaid money, created an office in Health and Human Services to protect health care professionals who do not wish to perform abortions, and signed an order that all babies born alive may not be killed. This past week Missouri became known as the first “abortion-free state.” We praise God for the lives that have been saved.

Yet, the womb will become more dangerous in the years ahead. If President-elect Biden keeps his campaign promises, taxpayer money will be redirected back to abortion providers, the Hyde amendment will be repealed (which prevents federal funds from being used for abortions), and federal health care will include new abortion options for women. We petition God for mercy and the transformative grace we’ve received to win our leaders to Christ.
The sanctity of life is not a political issue. It’s a scriptural issue. The Bible clearly affirms life at conception (Psalm 139:13), God’s intimate involvement in the womb (Jeremiah 1:5), and His ascription of worth and value upon all human life (Matthew 10:29-31). This “Sanctity of Life Sunday,” we join churches worldwide to celebrate life and lament loss. We’ll praise God for His creative achievements, hear a story of His grace, and learn about the worth He places on human life from Psalm 139. (The “Sons of Korah” wrote songs based on Psalms. Hear Psalm 139 here.
“Your eyes have seen my unformed substance; and in Your book were all written the days that were ordained for me, when as yet there was not one of them.” (Ps 139:16)

With the affection of Christ, Pastor Michael

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