Toni Georgiev, Prayer Requested

Toni Georgiev, Prayer Requested



Dear prayer and support team,

My Turkish Muslim friend Juska have new baby boy. They are now 12 people in their 2 little rooms in their house. Yesterday I had very blessed time at Juska’s family. Step by step they are coming more and more close to Jesus. I speak yesterday in their house from John 15 where Jesus said I’m the vine, you are the branches. I told them that we must be connected with Jesus if we want to have good fruits in our life’s. Now they have fight in their souls because they believe in Muhamed and now they Juska i fam. 002are hear the truth and that they must turn to Jesus. I can understand their spiritual fights in themselves. Rushan (Juska father in law) told me that he have some problems from his spiritual leader Haci Baba. Haci Baba is against Rushan to be with me while I’m at the Turkish Muslim area. The devil is try to destroy everything.

-Pray for Rushan that his spiritual leader Haci Baba will not going to make problems to Rushan.

-Pray for Juska and his family that they will understand the Gospel and will start to follow Jesus.

-Pray for Rushan’s family that they will see Jesus in Rushan life.

We are going now in another village call Sedlarci. I have friend there with name Jordanco. His family is still not Sedlarci 003   open for the Gospel. I ask him about empty building that we can hire for Evangelism. We walk in the village and he  show me the one single building(second picture) which is in not good condition but inside is clean and belong to  the village. They have village board and couple man’s making decisions for the village property

  -Pray for Jordanco and Irinka from village Sedlarci that they will open their house for the Gospel.

 -Pray for board in village Sedlarci that God will open their heart for the Gospel.