Prayer & Praise – Young Life Camp in Macedonia

Prayer & Praise – Young Life Camp in Macedonia


To invest in the kids is to invest in the future in one country.

Dear prayer and support team,

Two weeks ago we had camp with the Young Life organization. The camp cross very well. Kids had really blessed time at the sport hall in Strumica. We play basketball,football,table tenis, we take them to drive carting small cars,we were at the swimming pool,we make some hand makes bracelets….. Every night we had Evangelism from 7pm to 8 pm and after that we were divide on small groups and we talk with the kids about the Gospel. Time with the kids at the small groups was something really very good. They had opportunity to ask us a lot of questions. The most big thing that they were worried is how they will tell to their parents that this is not Orthodox faith. I can understand them and I encourage them to not afraid and that their parents will see light in their life’s.

One boy Gorgi,who give his life to Jesus last year at the Young Life in Bulgaria,he pray for the first time at the small groups this year. Gorgi told me that he is very interested to read the bible. He told me that he is reading the Gospel of John. Gorgi is my dearest kid. He is helping me a lot while we have basketball practice and I start to give him responsibilities during the practice. Gorgi is from Zubovo and other his friends Daniel and Ivan are very open for God too. I make some connections with their parents but still I can’t spend time with them because they work at the fields a lot.

From September we start again with the Basketball in Novo Selo. This is my 7th year how I invest in the kids in Novo Selo and last and this year I start to see spiritual fruits from them.

Prayer requests:

  • -Pray for the kids that they will not going to have problems from their parent while we try to help them to grow spiritually.
    -Pray for kids parents that they will not forbid in the future to join in our basketball club and our bible studies.
  • -Pray for Gorgi that he will become mature believer and taht one day he will become spiritual leader in Zubovo.
  • -Pray for Gorgi’s friends Daniel and Ivan that they will start to read the bible.
  • -Pray for all kids girls and boys from Novo Selo that are part from ABA our basketball club.
  • -Pray for me that God will give me wisdom how to lead the kids by His wish.


Toni Georgiev

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