Heartbreak: Ebola, Orphans, Families

Heartbreak: Ebola, Orphans, Families



Ebola Crisis: “Kids are emerging as the most vulnerable group in the Ebola crisis.

The cost of Liberia’s Ebola crisis goes beyond the health emergency.

  • Because the borders are closed, the markets are closed.
  • Food is becoming scarce and very expensive, so it’s hard for people to even get enough food to eat.
  • Also, many of the health clinics are closed because people are afraid of Ebola patients coming in.

A recent UNICEF assessment indicates Ebola orphans could double before the end of the month. Recent government data suggests that the average Liberian household had three children, and you can see the dilemma. Peggy Maynard, (Global Fingerprints Liberia Coordinator) clarifies, “The immediate problem is that people are afraid to even go near these children because of Ebola.

Then of course, the long-term problem is finding housing and care for these children in a country that has been ravaged by civil war, and now ravaged by this disease.”…read more.