Youth Sports Ministry Report

Youth Sports Ministry Report


Novo Selo 08.10.2014 059

Dear prayer and support team,

Couple weeks ago we start with our basketball sport ministry in Novo Selo and today 11 new kids join us. Today we give them new t-shirts and shorts with the verse on the back side; “Jesus loves you”. I’m very encouraged because new kids are joining us.  All of the new kids are boys and I expect soon that new girls will join us.

This is 7th year how we are involved with our basketball sport ministry in Novo Selo. Next week I will try to contact some teachers in other schools from different towns. I will try to make future friendly competitions for our kids. I believe that our bible study will help these kids to grow spiritually.

Prayer request:

  • Pray that this year God will keep the kids from injuries;
  • Pray that parents of the new kids will not become angry because of the verse “Jesus loves you” on the back side of the new t-shirts  that we gave to them;
  • Pray that the new kids will understand our bible study and will become followers of Christ;
  •  Pray that the Orthodox priest will not destroy our sport ministry in Novo Selo;
  • Pray that during the basketball competition, kids from other clubs will see something different – LIGHT in our kids and that our kids can have opportunity to tell them about Jesus.

 Dear prayer and support team, please keep me in your prayers.

last year I start to feel pain in my hip joint and in my left knee. I still have that pain and the medical care in Macedonia is very bad. I visit some doctors and receive some therapy, but the results are still not good. I pray that God will help me, and that I can lead the basketball kids without problems this year.

May God bless you and reward you many times more for your prayer and financial support.

 In Christ

Toni Georgiev

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